Peaceful Memorials Pet Crematory Services

Peaceful Memorials Pet Crematory is a full service end-of-life pet cremation facility that offers pet families a broad range of aftercare options. PMPC services include communal cremation, individual partitioned cremation, and solo cremation. PMPC offers 3 standard urn options, custom urns, a variety of clay paw impressions, ink prints, and fur clippings. All individual and solo cremations are tagged with a unique number when entering PMPC and the tag stays with the pet and is returned with the ashes. Owners receive just their pet's ashes in one of the complimentary urns with a clay paw impression included. 

Peaceful Memorials Pet Crematory follows all guidelines established by the Pet Loss Professional Alliance and the International Association of Pet Cemeteries and Crematories. 

Communal Cremation is the process where multiple pets are cremated together without any form of separation and no ashes are returned to owners.  All communal ashes are spread on a 10 acre privately owned land east of Colorado Springs.

Peaceful Resting Place

Individual Partitioned Cremation is the process where multiple pets may be in the cremation cradle but each pet is completely separated by 4 walls.  The ashes are returned to the owner.

Solo Cremation is the process where only 1 pet is in the cradle and the ashes are returned to the owner.

Urns:  Included with every return of ashes is the option of one of our standard 3 urns; scatter tube, wood urn, or paw tin.  

Scatter Tube 0-80 lb 

Wood Urn 0-160 lbs 

 Tins 0-80 lbs 



Custom urns are available for additional charges and include our "Rainbow Bridge" alder wood urn.

Small 0-15 lbs $30.00 
Medium 16-40 lbs $40.00 
Large 41-80 lbs $55.00 
XLarge 81-160 lbs $65.00 
Shadow Box $65.00

               All other custom urns are purchased through

Clay Paws

Clay Paw Prints:  A clay paw print is included with every return of ashes

Paw 0-20lbs  

Heart 0-100 lbs

Circle 0-160 lbs


Office Hours

After hours please call Peaceful Partings - 719-205-6003

Colorado Springs Office


9:00 am-5:00 pm


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